Welcome to Bail Enforcement Training School. We are located in Spokane Washington. If you are interested in becoming a Washington State Bounty Hunter then continue to read. Our goal is to provide our clients and others with the highest quality of students possible. We are able to accomplish this by providing all of our students with the most current and up to date training available while also equipping them with the knowledge and experience of our trainers who have over 45 years working in the protective services and bail bond field.

When you train with us we guarantee you will walk out of your training with more knowledge and more confidence than when you first walked in for day 1 of training. 

We are currently offering training courses in the following area’s with more to come soon.

  • Bail Enforcement Agent Training (Bounty Hunter)
  • Bail Bond Agent Training (Writing Bail Bonds)
  • Equipment Certifications and renewals
    • Taser Certification
    • Handcuffing Certification
    • Expandable Baton Certification
    • O.C. Spray Certification
    • Defensive Tactics Certification
    • Firearm Certification (WACJTC Course)

Interested in getting one of our classes please click here to register.